How to create backlinks for my website ?

Every Newbie blogger have a question in there mind that how to create backlinks for my website ?

Let me share the best and easy ways to build backlinks as a newbie blogger.

1.Broken Link Building Method :

Its also a great method because it works perfectly to create one-way backlinks.

This technique requires you to contact webmasters to report broken links on there website.

At that same time you have to recommend others website to replace that link and also mention your own website.By which you get a backlink because you are doing the webmaster a favor by reporting the broken links.

Show by this method you can easily get a quality backlink.

2.Infographics :

It is  also one of the best and easy method to get a backlink.

For this method you have to create a great info graphics and put it on your website with a source code which gives trackback url back to your website.When someone use your infographic then they give an hyperlink tour website.

So by this method you can get lots of backlink.

3.Guest Posting :

It is one the oldest and trusted method generally used by many digital marketers and blogger it increase the backlink of your website but its not easy as you think it needs a lots of effort.

Firstly you have to Search out the blog which accept guest post and then find the niche blog as same as your niche.

Then you have to submit an article which should be genuine and SEO friendly.And also include to links of your website by this way if the owner of the website were are doing guest post accept your article.

So you can get two dofollow High PR backlinks.

4.Directory Submission

In this method you have to submit your website or blog post links to different web directories by which your website or blog url indexed fastly.This method works slowly its also time consuming method.

5.Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to increase your website or blog traffic, branding,promotion & indexing privileges.

These social bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark your website post or blog post links with anchor text to them and makes your links search-able on the search Engines.

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