The Top 5 Professional Indian Female Bloggers

As we know in our country a new era of professional carrier arises on Internet as Blogging .Many of people wants to become blogger.Specially among new young generation as many of students wants to become  blogger . Some of them do blogging for there passion and some them do blogging to make passive income .

But Some of successful bloggers  make huge amount of money from blogging and made blogging as there full time career.

As we know now in every career women’s are also involved  they were also doing great work so in digital world i.e on internet in blogging Many of Female bloggers making huge money and name also .

Let me start the topic by sharing the name of top 5 Professional Indian Female Bloggers.

1.Shraddha Sharma :

Source :

She is one the most famous and great blogger as well as founder and Chief Editor of YourStory. She created              great name in digital world her blogs were featured in many top websites.                                                                      In 2015 she was selected in the  list of 500 LinkedIn Influence rs across the world. Also in 2015 (March) Sharma        received the L’Oreal Paris Femina Award for Online Influence.

2.Jane Sheeba :

Jane Sheeba

She is also a famous blogger as she enters into blogging in the year 2007 and she owns the popular blog          . She is not only limited to this she also owns 10’s of other specific niche blog.

She is also famous for her content marketing skills as well as she also  features in many popular blogs and magazines. 

3.Nirmala Santhakumar :

 She is a  famous blogger for her blog where she share about social media tips and also guide to setup new blog and how to do blogging.

As according to some sources she firstly started with working as a freelancer and after that she enters in to field of blogging.

4.Chitraparna Sinha :

She is the Founder & Director of Esmee Network and Payoneer  Brand Ambassador , a columnist, blogger and speaker.
Also won the award of the most influential content marketer of 2017.

5.Jyoti Chauhan :

  Jyoti Chauhan

She is the founder of . She also featured in famous blog Blogosphere. Her Blogging site has national rank of 2,843 while the global rank of 29,587.

She completed her schooling in 2008 and after that she completed Polytechnic in 2011.


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