Now a days everyone wants to earn money from blogging . Basically every blogger prefer google adsense as a best monetization platform for there blog or website .
But getting google adsense approval is not easy as we think but also not very difficult. Sometimes after lots of hardwork google doesn’t approve your website or blog for monetization.By which many of the bloggers stop there blogging and started doing some other stuff to make money online.
So let me tell good news to those blogger who stopped there blogging because they does not able to monetize there blog with google adsense but there are lots of ways to make money on blogger (website or blog) without adsense.

So let me share the ways to you :

Top 10 ways to make money online without google adsense

1. Buy & Sell Ads

Buy & Sell Ads is a high quality platform for influencers,sponsors,and advertiser to put their ads directly to publishers website .
Its great feature is that it only need lots of organic traffic to a website to get approved as a publishers.
After that publishers needed to sell ads space and then the advertiser directly put ads there on basis of time i.e days or month.
And the Ad-Space of your blog or website is directly purchased through the BuySellAds Network, so you don’t have to get involved in any type of payment problem.
Buy and sell ads work as a Broker between website or blog owner and the advertiser.

2. Affiliate marketing

It’s also a great way to make money online by monetizing links on your blog . How?
Let me tell you in brief
Affiliate marketing means website or blog which promote the sells of other merchants’ products at its own website by which the blogger or website owner makes money.
But for affilate marketing you also need good organic targeted traffic by which you make the sales of affiliate products.

3. Paid Review Writing

Now a days people are wiling to do experiment and gain lots of new knowledge and skills for which they generally read blogs.
So as the boom and traffic coming on internet then many of the companies and influencer wanted there product to be reviewed and they pay for this to you.


4. Apply to Other Monetizing Platforms

There are lots of other monetizing platform presence other than google adsense you can apply for them they generally approve any blog they doesn’t have lots of laws to approve any website or blog .

Some alternatives are :
Revenue Hits
Propeller Ads

5.Using In Text Ads(Info Links)

The another way and easiest way is to use intext ads.That means with the help of intext ads it will directly monetize your content via linking your text into a paid link.

Publishing ‘In text ads’ on your blog by using the services of Infolinks will help in monetizing the site with highest revenue share from contextual in text ads.
Best In-text ad platform

  • Infolinks


As you can see many of blogs or website on google or any other search engine . Not puts ad on there site So the question is how they make money and pay for hosting ?
The answer is by linking an option of donation sometimes when any one got great content as he needed after the searching from a blog or a website then they were very happy so if you put any colunm or widget on your site by asking people is this content helpful for you if yes then please donate some feelings to us to run this website like this.
It definitely work.

7.Backlink (Link Juice)

Gotten surprise by reading the heading backlink how any one can make money by backlink ?
Answer is you can easily make lots of money by giving dofollow backlinks to other website.
But for this you need Domain Authority Of your website should be more than 35+.


8.Amazon CPM ads

A great way and very much popular among probloggers .What?
Yes CPM ads by Amazon is a great way and very much popular ad publishing platform among probloggers.
For this you need to put amazon cpm ads on your website they pay on per thousand impressions.

9. Build and Promote your own product

By this way you have to realise your skill your talent because every human being have a unique talent that is with it from born.
You have to think about it and sell it .
Example – I am able to write an e book on a topic .
So i have written a ebook and started promoting in my own website which also enhance my earning.


Now you have gotten one question on your mind how i am co relating freelancing with blogging.
Simple just think if you have good writing skill thats why you are blogging.
And if some one came on your website and saw your work and happy with it then surely they wanted to hire you so need to create an account as a freelancer on any freelancing website.
And start getting lots of sales.

So at the end thank you for your reading if you link this article then please share as well as if you have any query then comment below.


Hi there I am Nikhil Maurya a hobby blogger and digital marketer.I created to provide Content About blogging and SEO.I am also a learner so whatever i learn from my experiment i share in my this blog.


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