What is Link Building | Types of link building : Backlinks

Link Building Is a great way to rank higher in search engine and increase website organic traffic. Link Building is also the main part of off page seo.

Many of the bloggers and newbie have lots of confusion about link building, No follow back links and Do Follow back links.

So let me clear all the confusion so firstly we talk about link building.

What is link building ?

What is Link Building | Types of link building : Backlinks

What is Link Building | Types of link building : Backlinks

In the meaning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Link Building describes as increasing the quality of inbound links to a web page with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

It is also knows as marketing tactic for increasing sales and brand awareness.

Types of Links :

Resource link : These type of link are also called as hyper-links to a website or web page to deliver a particular content through navigation.

This is not any strategies of building link its way to put your website or blog proper navigation so its only interlink the site.

Editorial Link : These type of link is build naturally. These are the links not acquired from paid linking or link exchange.

Sometimes building link with this method is done automatically so question arises how ?

Simple answer suppose you have website name as A and you written a quality content that’s very fresh content on internet so when another website owner or blogger suppose his/her blog name B. And written the content by seeing content of site A. Not copied whole content but idea of content comes from site A. Show that owner of B blog give a Hyperlink to site A Under name of Resource or Source etc.

Acquired link : These links are created via the website owner through payment or distribution. These type of building link are also known as organically obtained links. Such links include paid linking and paid directory links.

Reciprocal link : This strategies of building link is no longer available.In 2005, with Google Search Algorithm Jagger 2 update, Google stopped giving the credit to reciprocal links as it does not indicate genuine link popularity.

Reciprocal links are way of building link via exchanging link between two-websites.

Forum signature linking :It is a technique to build backlinks to websites through Internet forums. In this way of building link is done using forum communities that allow outbound hyperlinks. It is fastest method as well as easy to build backlinks to rank higher in search engines.

Image linking : This process of building link is very much great and helpful for you as well as other. In this way you have to create info graphics images and share them among others site or blog and in a reference you get a backlink.

Social bookmarking : It is a way of saving links as in categorizing manner on public locations on web pages and websites. These social bookmarks have anchor text which help search engine to crawl the link fast and easily. It plays a big role to rank your website on top of search engines.

As well as many social bookmarking sites displays the current added link on their home page which also increase the chance of visits and traffic to your website.

Web Directories : This is also the best and genuine way to build link. This way needs time and effort.Web directories are collection of website data in categories form so you need to submit your website in these web directories to be indexed.

Some web directories allows link exchange and some allows paid linking. But I will suggest you to use genuine link not to do link exchange.

Blog Commenting : It’s also a way to build backlinks this allow user to get do follow backlink from other website via commenting. But you have to firstly check the website is allowed rel do follow or not. Basically all the websites with comment luv enable plugin allow getting do follow backlink via commenting.

This is all about link building and types of link building.If you have any query then comment below. You can also follow us on Facebook and message us your query.


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