So every newbie who is going to start own blog they got one question in there mind related to Blog CMS Platform i.e which one is better between Blogger or WordPress (there are several others also).

Let me firstly tell you about CMS in short

What is CMS (content management system)

CMS (Content Management System) is a platform created in programming language which manages the modification of digital published content.

So now I think that you know very basic definition about CMS.

Now come to our main Topic Blogger vs WordPress.

Firstly let me share complete detail about blogger.

Blogger : It is a service provided by Google to users to create there blog for free. There is no need of coding to create a blog on blogger.

“It is also called as it’s a blog publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.” — Wikipedia

The Pros and Cons of Blogger

So let me firstly share Pros and Cons of blogger platform.

Pros of blogger blog or websites :

1.This service is easily used by anyone by which they can easily create there blog for free. There is NO cost related to web hosting.No need to pay any amount to someone.


2.The content published by you on your blog was saved by Google so there is no issue regarding site security and Website Hacking. Your website is secured by Google.


3.Blogger is service provided by Google so you don’t need to worry about site SEO.Google optimized your website very seo friendly.


4.You get a free subdomain for your website (


5.You can also use your custom register domain name.


6.Easily You can get Adsense Approval. (Also allow you to put other ads)


7.You can add and delete some features to your site. It comes with decent range of gadgets.


Cons of Blogger blog or websites:

1.Google have right to use and distribute your blog content.


2.There is a limit to your blogger theme which makes every blogger blog looks same.


3.Blogger does not give you any FTP access to your blogger account dashboard.


4.There is no availability of any type of plugin to use.


5.Blogger has very basic features so you can’t make it professional for anylarge business.



So our topic is WordPress vs blogger, and we just completed our all information about blogger now came to WordPress.

So let me share Pros and Cons of WordPress platform.

But let me tell you some intro about WordPress.


WordPress is an open source Content Management System which allows users to create there website or blog easily. It is written in PHP and use MYSQL as Databases.


Pros of WordPress blog or websites ( not

1.Its an open source content management platform which means you can easily modify and study the source code according to your need.


2.It provides lots of free plugin as well as default there some already basic plugins are installed. You can uninstall it if don’t use it.


3.WordPress comes with lots of features so you can easily create great website for your business.


4.No one have any right to delete or modify your website or blog content without permission of yours which makes it great.


5.There are lots of free themes as well as paid themes for your blog and you can easily customize them via drag n drop.


6.It allows admin or author of website or blog to customize the titles, permalinks, descriptions of pages and posts.”Which make this more seo friendly.


7.It also comes with lots of seo plugin.

Cons of WordPress blog or websites ( not

1.WordPress ( is installed by you on your server so all the security of your website is depended on you.


2.If you use any unwanted unusefull plugin on your website then it will cause damage to your entire website.


3.You need to pay for web hosting and domain name to run your website or blog.


4.The maintenance of your website and blog is depended on you.


As i suggest you if you just started blogging then you can use Blogger as a platform for blogging and if you have experience then you can use WordPress.Also if you have money you can use WordPress.

So this is all about topic Which blog platform is better to use WordPress or Blogger : Blogger vs WordPress. So if this post helpful for you then please share this. If you have any question regarding this then please comment on it.


Hi there I am Nikhil Maurya a hobby blogger and digital marketer.I created to provide Content About blogging and SEO.I am also a learner so whatever i learn from my experiment i share in my this blog.


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