YouTube SEO 2020: Youtube Search Engine Optimization

YouTube SEO 2020: Youtube Search Engine Optimization

YouTube SEO 2020: Youtube Search Engine Optimization

There are lots of factors which help every YouTube content creator to Rank their videos on YouTube. Many YouTube content creator start creating videos and start uploading them to youtube, but they don’t succeed to get the popularity and become famous.

Are they not work hard ? So they work hard but not work smart. Our Blog topic is YouTube SEO 2020.

Let me share the factors related to YouTube video ranking.

Now came to topic YouTube SEO 2020

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube is a platform for sharing your creativity in the form videos. And you can earn some money also by sharing your videos.

SEO is known as search engine optimization by which you can optimize your any content such that it ranks better.

Now YouTube SEO is a technique to rank YouTube videos on YouTube by which you can get more views and become successful on YouTube.

Don’t Be A Professional Videographer

The biggest myth among every new creator on YouTube is without latest and expensive equipment we don’t create great videos which rank.

So I will tell you that to become YouTube creator there is no need for lots of expensive equipment you have to just need a device to record videos and have a great content to share.

If your content is greater than it automatically ranks higher.

Top 5 YouTube Seo Video Ranking techniques to rank YouTube videos: YouTube SEO 2020

1.YouTube Video Thumbnail: You can create great Youtube Video Thumbnail to attract more visitors.

You have to create eye-catching as well as briefly describing your video topic thumbnail. It helps you to reach more interested visitors.There are lots of free and paid tools available you can use any one of them to create your Thumbnail for your Youtube Video.

There is no need to do lots of experiment on thumbnail to make it eye catching just create thumbnail simple as well as neat and clean don’t add lots of words in your thumbnail.

Always give quality content and don’t to activity like click bait.

2. Quality Content : Always focus on quality content to share not quantity because if you create quality video content then it increases your watch time and according to youtube the latest algorithm if a video has more watch time than it ranks higher in a search result.Also Quality Content gives users more interest to see your videos more interestingly while if you upload lots of videos and don’t give quality content as user needs then your Youtube Channel could not become popular.

3. Length of YouTube videos: Always create at least 8-12 mins YouTube videos which rank better. Also, check your competitors’ video if your competitor has a less length video and you have a high length video then your video rank better than them. But also maintain the content of the video.

Length of video is also a great thing which helps YouTuber  to catch viewers attraction if length of video is small so user couldn’t get bore but if you have quality content and user love to watch it then also length of video not matters a lot.

4. Keyword Research: As you can know keyword researching is a main factor in online marketing so here also you have to do keyword research to rank your videos.

Always use a targeted keyword in Title of your YouTube video, Description of your YouTube videos and also include in tags.

For Keyword Research you can also use lots of tool available in market to increase your video views.

5. Question Answer Videos: If you create YouTube videos that answer a question, they will often rank higher than other non-question type material.

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